Examples Of My Work

This is me on the spring tennis team at Mitchell College. I will also be attempting to be a tennis pros assistant this summer, and very excited for the opportunity!



This was my letter of intent for Mitchell College Baseball as I was recruited to play , but sadly only played the fall season before i quit to play tennis.


I worked 4 hockey games and 4 basketball games for a class called event practicum. I was a security guard by the doors for all 8 games. Totaling 25 hours here, and 10 at a basketball camp at home.



Leadership Assignment  – 

This is what is an assignment i had to do for my event practicum class at SUNY Cortland . As we had to write about leaders we learned about in class and how we can apply this to our own life’s for the future.


The Shot that put New Rochelle on the map

I had to write an original post to add to the RedBeat.Website for my school at Suny Cortland. I took on the challenge of me talking about my experience along with my friends of the shot that should of won the ESPYS that year !

Fornite Podcast

In my Infromation Tech class at Suny Cortland i was given the chance of working with anything on a podcast. I ended up choosing on if not the hottest game out there being Fornite. I hope you enjoy the listen, and please come back for future posts about Fornite!

In my class at Suny Cortland. I learned about how to correctly use a camera. Using things like the rule of thirds, b-roll and jump cuts to show you my experience as a Sports Management Major! Enjoy and like and subscribe for future content !


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